539 Steps

Race on Trsat stairs

Test your endurance by participating a stair climbing race on the centuries old Trsat Stairways.

Announcement: 539 Jump

30. March 2024. 10:00 Participants: 91

Age Categories: M-23, M-40, M40+; F-23, F-40, F40+
Registrations: Via the internet or at the day of the race on the booth, an hour before the start
Start - finish: Podnožje stuba - Kapela Sv. Nikole (s označene pozicije)
Start Interval: One runner every 30 seconds
Start Schedule: Runners start running from first to last application
Number of steps Length Difference in elevation Average step height Average step depth Average width
539 463m 91m 15cm 30cm 204cm


  • To participate in the race, you are required to pay the entry fee and collect your race number
  • Every competitor receives a race number and race pack
  • Toilets: at the Delta parking lot
  • The referee stops the clock when both legs are in the finish area
  • The changing tents are protected by volunteers, but the organiser is not responsible for the personal belongings of the participants.
  • By registering for the race, competitors agree that photographs or videos made during the race can be used for the promotion of the project.
  • Competitors participate at their own risk. By registering and paying the entry fee, competitors assume full responsibility for taking part in the race. The organisers are not responsible for any damage, injury or accident that may occur during the race.

Before the race

  • All runners are free to use the changing tents on the bridge in front of the Hotel Continental.
  • 'Participants who want their clean clothes to be waiting for them at the top of the steps should communicate this to the organisers at the registration desk and no later than 09:30

After the race

  • At the end of the race, participants go back down the steps and are kindly requested to watch out for those running up the steps (cheering is welcome!)
  • Water and fruit will be waiting for the runners at the changing tents.
  • Announcement of the winner is expected at around 11:30