Festival History

A small charity race established in 1998 has grown over two decades into a multi-day event that brings together more than 15,000 participants, promotes multiculturality and generosity, and which could soon have the status of 'the most musical race' in the world.

When several hundred people ran the first 'Homo si teć' city road race through the centre of Rijeka back in 1998, no one could have thought that this was the beginning of an event that, only two decades later, would be known as the biggest road running race and generally the largest sports and recreational event in Croatia. 'Homo si teć' (Let’s run in local dialect) may sound completely incomprehensible to people unfamiliar with the distinctive Chakavian dialect. People of Rijeka and the littoral region need no explanation.

The idea of Orlando Rivetti was strongly supported by the staff of the Novi List local newspaper and the City of Rijeka. The basic concept focused on the popularisation of sports with a charity aspect. Today, the event includes a dozen separate races of different levels of difficulty that span three weekends and bring together more than 17,000 people.

Race participants are sports clubs, associations, families, groups of friends, as well as many individuals who take their first running steps right here on the Korzo promenade.


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