Runners info

Tent for athletes

You can change your clothes in the runners tent nearby start / finish line. Entrance to the tent is allowed only to athletes with race bib. Tents will be looked after by our security staff and volunteers. Organizers are not responsible for any stollen or missing items so please leave your valuables elswhere (hotel, car...). 

Food and drink

From 13:00h hot meals will be served for all athletes near Expo tent on Gat Karoline Riječke.. Bring your hot meal voucher, enjoy and rest until awards ceremony. 

Awards ceremony

Official award ceremony starts at main stage (Gat Karoline Riječke) around 13:00h for halfmarathon and 15:45 for marathon. 

Missing items

If you find a missing item, or you think you lost something, please come to Expo tent and ask for help from our hostesses. 

Medical service

If case of medial assistance, please report to the Trg Republike Hrvatske where an  you find yourself in the situation Ukoliko se nađete u situaciji na Korzu gdje smatrate da je potreba intervencija liječnika, javite se na Trg Republike Hrvatske gdje će biti dežurna jednica Hitne pomoći ili se obratite nekom od organizacijskog osoblja, zaštitara ili volontera.