Molo longo Run

A race on the beautiful breakwater

The current Breakwater in the main port basin is known as "molo longo" due to its 1707 m length. It is used as a passenger terminal and promenade. The construction plans and preparations for the Breakwater began in 1872 and it was completed in 1888. It was named Molo Maria Teresa after the Empress for her historic influence on the development of the city. It was planned to be an administrative centre for Hungary by the Hungarian architect Antal Hajnal. More historical informations about Molo longo are available here.

For the "Molo longo run" athletes will need to run two times the length (cca 6 km). 

Race info

  • Date: Saturday, 14.04.2018 start in 10:00h
  • Sign up: Online or one hour before the race start in front of passenger terminal.
  • Track: Molo longo (breakwater)

Race info


Online registrations are open until Friday 13.04.2018 at midnight. If there will be any bib left, you can also register on the race day from 8 AM to 9 AM.

Sign up



Top 3 men and women athletes wil, receive prize in the form of vouchers that can be used for shopping in the Intersport stores in Croatia. 

1st place - Intersport voucher 500kn

2nd place - Intersport voucher 300kn

3rd place - Intersport voucher 100kn

Other useful info

  • Public toalet: passenger terminal
  • Refreshment after race: water, nibbles...
  • Organizer is not accountable for the damages, injuries or accidents that may occur during the race. 
  • Athletes agree that all photo and video material shot on the race can be used for promotoinal purposes of the organizer. 
  • All athletes are participating at their own risk. By registering and paying race fee, athlete takes responsibility for his / her participation in the race.