10K run powered by Heineken 0.0

Almost no sweat!

If 21km, 42km, 3x7km or 1.8 km races don't fit your shape and style of running don't worry. You can try 10k run powered by Heineken 0.0. This 10 km beauty is designed for all runners who want to test their speed, or perhaps simply enjoy running along all the other athletes in the city centre. 

There is an old Rijeka proverb that says: The sooner you run 9.36 km, the sooner you'll get to drink some beer :)

Race info

Start : Sunday 14th of April 2019, Rijeka, Korzo

Finnish : Kostrena - Šetalište Kostrenskih boraca

Trail :Korzo – to stari Kraš – Scarpina – Jelačić – Ribarska – left to Hinka Bačića/Delta – Slavka Cindrića – Šetalište XIII. divizije – D8 via Viktor Lenac (Martinšćinca) – continue D8 – Plodine – rotor – right to Šetalište Kostrenskih boraca – right to Žurkovo – JK Galeb to lungo mare - next to CB Copacabana Ulicom Stara Voda - Šetalište Kostrenskih boraca - after parking lot 10km

Categories : Absolute M and Z; MU22; MU40; M40 +; U22; U40; W40 +

The athletes who have not been tracked by all athletic judges will automatically be disqualified and exempted from the official order. Time limit is 1h 30min.

Start Package: All sthlets will get the following: official shirt (100% polyester technical fabric from JOMA), microfiber towel, hot meal after race, water bottle, Dukat Fit, Heineken 0.0

Before the Race: All runners are welcome to use tents for changing clothes on the Square of 111 Brigade. Since the finnish is in Kostrena, runners can leave their bag with changing cloths on a bus that will be parked in Riva Street near Gat Karoline Riječke by 09.00AM

After the Race: After finishing their race, runners will be able to relieve and change (if they put their bag in the bus) and wait until 11:30AM when the bus will return to the center of Rijeka. All runners who successfully finish the race, get a participant medal.

Liability disclaimer

  • Organizer is not accountable for the damages, injuries or accidents that may occur during the race. 
  • Athletes agree that all photo and video material shot on the race can be used for promotoinal purposes of the organizer. 
  • All athletes are participating at their own risk. By registering and paying race fee, athlete takes responsibility for his / her participation in the race.


Online registrations for 10k run are open until Friday, 29th of March 2019. Note: you can apply only for one race (either halfmarathon, marathon, 10k or relay race).



Entry fee

10k run fee: 

paid before 31.12.2018. - 13 EUR

paid before 01.03.2019. - 17 EUR

paid before 29.03.2019. - 22 EUR

All payments should be effected at latest before midnight 29th of March 2019! 

Payment can be made exclusively through the web shop! Payment via bank account or in cash is not possible!


Absolute M and F;
M22; M40; M40+; F22; F40; F40+

Rewards for Absolute Winners and Winners by Category (M / F): All awards are obtained in the form of coupons that can be used in Sport Vision stores in Croatia. The awards are the same for male and female runners.

The absolute winners are awarded for the first three places in the men's and women's category:
1st place - Sport Vision coupon 1000 hrk
2nd place - Sport Vision coupon 500 hrk
3rd place - Sport Vision coupon 300 hrk

Category winners are awarded for the first three places:
1st place - Sport Vision coupon 300 hrk
2nd place - Sport Vision coupon 200 hrk
3rd place - Sport Vision coupon 100 hrk

Rulebook on Rewards: The prize is awarded only on one basis, by absolute order or by category. All runners who have been awarded the prize in absolute order can not receive a prize in the voucher for their place in the categories. The ranking in the categories does not change if the same contestant has won one of the top three places in the absolute rank and ranking by category. Coupon does not transfer to the next competitor in the lineup.

Winner announcement:
Gat Karoline Riječke, Riva 8, 51000, Rijeka