Other races

539 Jump

Test your endurance by participating a stair climbing race on the centuries old Trsat Stairways,

It begins on the banks of the Rječina, beside a bank building, and leads up to the plateau at 138 m above sea level. There are 561 steps in all, and they were built for pilgrims on their way to the votive church. Work was started on them in 1531 by Petar Kružić, hero of battles against the Turks, who built the lower part of the stairway, later expanded to 538 steps. The Baroque entrance hall in the form of a triumphal arch was built in the first half of the 18th century, and the votive chapels on the level ground near the church by the steps, between the 15th and the 18th centuries, one chapel each century.

Our race "539 jump" is one the most difficult endurance tests one can afford to try. The goal is simple, just try to run (or jump) as fast as you can up the 539 stairs to the top plateau.

10K run powered by Heineken 0.0

Almost no sweat!,

If 21km, 42km, 3x7km or 1.8 km races don't fit your shape and style of running don't worry. You can try 10k run powered by Heineken 0.0. This 10 km beauty is designed for all runners who want to test their speed, or perhaps simply enjoy running along all the other athletes in the city centre. 

There is an old Rijeka proverb that says: The sooner you run 9.36 km, the sooner you'll get to drink some beer :)

Erste Five

Short and sweet, high five for Five!,

Erste Five is 4.42 kilometer race which takes you sightseeing city center of Rijeka through Korzo Street, to the end of the promenade of Molo Longo and back.

Molo longo Run

A race on the beautiful breakwater,

The current Breakwater in the main port basin is known as "molo longo" due to its 1707 m length. It is used as a passenger terminal and promenade. The construction plans and preparations for the Breakwater began in 1872 and it was completed in 1888. It was named Molo Maria Teresa after the Empress for her historic influence on the development of the city. It was planned to be an administrative centre for Hungary by the Hungarian architect Antal Hajnal. More historical informations about Molo longo are available here.

For the "Molo longo run" athletes will need to run two times the length (cca 6 km). 

Relay race

If you’re a team player and wish to test yourself at the half-marathon race course, relay is your thing! Find two of your friends and run as a team on the half marathon course! Each of you will have a 7 km run. The ever-popular relay will again reveal the best team. Sponsors will take care that first three teams return home with some valuable prizes.

All teams can be male, female or mixed.

Charity Race

The biggest street race in Croatia, Homo si teć, at Rijeka's sity centre attracts around 15,000 amateur runners.

Race info

  • Date: Sunday, 14.04.2019 
  • Non competitive race, no entrance fee, no need to sign up
  • lenght 1.5 km


Childrens only race,

START: Sunday, 14.04.2019 

Love for sports and recreation is best learned from the earliest age. That's why we organize childrens only race "dm Baby bonus cup". Last year we had more than 5000 young athletes and our sponsor dm makes sure that every one of them receives a gift package after the race.

Milka Milinković Memorial Run

Race for disabled and vision impaired persons,

START: Sunday, 14.04.2019 

As a kind of gratitude to the recently deceased Milka Milinkovic, a top athlete and a lover of Homo si teć, we changed the name Hendi Cup race this year to "Milka Milinkovic Memorial Run".

Milka Milinkovic is a paralympic legend from Croatia, and the only person in the world who has been playing for Paralympic Games for 10 times.

We admire the willpower and the motivation displayed by our disabled fellow citizens. This race highlights the need for a society to care equally for all it's members. We are proud that every year over 500 participants enjoy this race and inspire all of us.

Milka Milinković Memorial Run