22nd "HOMO SI TEĆ"

Festival of sport and recreation

Homo si teć (transl. Come / Let's all run) is a saying that someone who is not familiar with the distinctive "Čakavski" dialect can sound completely incomprehensible.

Of course, to Citizens of Rijeka and Primorje - Gorski Kotar County no explaintion on what Homo si teć means is necessary.
22 years ago, when we have chosen the name for this event, few people thought that the whole thing will outgrow local frameworks and evolve to the point where we'll meet with the problem of the language barrier. But that only confirms the success of our festival.

Festival of sport and recreation "Homo si teć" is organized without interruption since 1998. and is the largest running event in Croatia.
22. "Homo si teć" begins on Saturday April 7th and ends on Sunday April 22th with largest street race in Croatia where more than 15,000 citizens, amateurs, children, students, professional athletes and sportsmen participate. For that occasion, the Rijeka City center is transformed into a large playground for a unique sports & recreational event and the whole town becomes "no car" zone.